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The stupidest meme on Greece ever

July 12, 2015

A new idea I’ve seen from some leftists:  support for Greece is racist – because the people of Greece are white, and white leftists are giving it more attention than other, more deserving struggles.   I’m not going to say who I heard it from, because I hate “call out” culture. I’d rather they read this and reconsider their analysis.

Haven’t those saying this ever noticed the huge solidarity movements out there supporting Venezuela? For that matter, I’d say the Palestinian solidarity movements are larger that Greece solidarity support . (That makes sense of course; the Palestinian crisis has been around longer and is killing more people.) So the premise is wrong.

And of course Greece gets a lot of attention from leftists. A country with its working class being crushed elects a social democratic party that actually is social democratic. That is, it is not socialist (in spite of having socialist MPs), but wants to increase both the power and well being of the working and middle classes under capitalism. Far better than either the center right (whose motto appears to be “crush, kill, destroy”), or the center left, (whose motto appears to be “crush, kill, destroy. Now this hurts me more than it hurts you.”)

Can you think of any other party with either a comparable viewpoint, or a viewpoint to the left of it which has won a national (as opposed to regional)  election in the last six months? I will note that many Latin American nations have paid a lot attention to Greece since Syriza’s election. Is Castro suffering from white racism too? Look, I don’t take criticisms of this sort personally. I always stop and consider if they might be right. But this seems to me not only a wrong criticism but an exceptionally foolish one.  Note that this is separate from any critiques made of Syriza.

Oh, and I hope you did notice that Greece has a fair number of non-white immigrants who are at the blunt end of the austerity.

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  1. Will Shetterly permalink
    July 12, 2015 5:43 pm

    The competition over whiteness is fascinating. Anyone who thinks Jews are not white should definitely think Greeks aren’t.

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