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Electoral Politics Explained Entirely in Music Videos

November 4, 2015

Since this is the day after an election,  many of us are feeling a bit down. Anyone who enjoys silliness with a bit of a dark edge might like this post which summarizes the electoral process entirely in music videos,  mostly non-political classics. A few are general satires of the political process, not targeting any one party or political ideology.

The first two videos summarize the themes around which most electoral campaigns center:

We got trouble right here in River City sung by Richard Preston.

Big Rock Candy Mountain   – Tex Ritter version

The deeper electoral game: EVITA: Art of the possible Jim Austin and Company version:

One always picks
The easy fight
One praises fools
One smothers light
one shifts left to right
It’s part of the art of the possible

The next songs are sung by the winners.

First up, the immortal clip of Groucho Marx singing “If you think this country’s in bad shape now, just wait till I get through with it”.

Followed by How could you believe me when I said “I love you” when you know I’ve been a liar all my life? This is the Eartha Kitt version, both because Eartha Kitt was awesome, and because it is ten times better than the original.

Of course we should not forget today’s foreign policy consensus which seems to span most major parties and most nations world wide:
Blue Oyster Cult’s Don’t Fear the Reaper

Romeo and Juliet
Are together in eternity
40, 000 men and women every day
(Like Romeo and Juliet)

(We can be like they are)

What if your preferred candidate lost? The classic Big Maybelle song One monkey don’t stop no show has a message for you. Unfortunately some stupid producer forced her to drop the vernacular and release with the title and lyric of “One Monkey Don’t Stop the Show”, which dilutes the impact. So I chose the version that seems to me closest to what Big Maybelle would have done if allowed, the Bette Midler version.

For those who want a way forward, I suggest that Ozark Mountain Daredevils classic: If you wanna get to heaven, you got to raise a little hell

And if we do that we might finally force our politicians to take seriousrly the message in Lorde’s Royals “We’ll never be Royals”

Feel free to suggest additional songs in comments. It’ll be more fun if you play by the same rules I did. Repurpose non-political songs, plus songs whose political message is very general, not obviously aimed at a particular political party or tendency.

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