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Making a big deal of Hillary email is lousy politics

May 29, 2016

I think Hillary will make a lousy president for many reasons.  For example, in foreign policy she has almost always supported wars and coups and sanctions and bombings that killed and displaced  hundreds of thousands, probably millions.  (Anti-Iraq sanctions, the Iraq war, Libya,  Honduras,  and now Brazil are just a few greatest hits.)

But I don’t think anyone who considers themselves a leftist or even a progressive or liberal should focus much on the email scandal.  Keeping email on an insecure server is the same kind of nonsense the US government gets whistleblowers on. For example,  Tom Drake, an early whistleblower about NSA abuses  was convicted of “exceeding authorized use  of a computer” after the government failed to  convict him under the espionage act.

I admit to a certain  schadenfreude at seeing Hillary harassed for the same bullshit charges she cheered on when used against whistleblowers.  But after gloating just a little, I have to reject actually supporting this bullshit.  I don’t want join in any chorus that implies that the biggest problem with Hillary is that she is insufficiently  supportive of the national security state. For that matter I don’t want to imply that the problem is  *not* prosecuting Hillary, rather than prosecuting whistleblowers.

There are plenty of other issues on which to oppose her nomination. These include the long term hawkishness already discussed, plus her equally long term support of class warfare by the rich against the rest of us in only a slightly less vicious form that advocated by Republicans. (Note to Clinton supporter friends: no she is not even nearly as bad as Trump – which is not the issue in this post.)

Lastly, I know some people think the email nonsense is important because of what it reveals about her character.  My answer to that is that character issues are almost always bullshit.  I’m going to save that for another post. I want to discuss what is usually wrong with the “character issues” in politics on its own, using the email thing as one example in a more general discussion.


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